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  • AI-Powered CRM Platforms: A Comparison

    All major CRM platforms have implemented AI as a central feature in their offerings in the last few years. Companies are now much better equipped to understand their customers thanks to AI-powered CRM. With actionable insights and accurate predictive forecasting, the path to better customer understanding is becoming easier....read more
  • The Top 4 Integrated Customer Data Platforms

    Customer data platforms are becoming more and more important in organisations as marketing and sales teams find it a struggle to take advantage of growing amounts of data from separate sources. Although they are not yet extremely common, product options are diversifying. The CDP Institute reported a 65% growth in the industry in 2018 and there were revenues of more than $1 billion last year. ...read more
  • It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year....To Look For a Job

    Once again, the holiday period has creeped up on us. With Christmas shopping in full force, office Christmas parties, a cheeky mulled wine on your lunch break, and the office Christmas fanatic that manages to insert lines from classic festive films (is Jingle All The Way a classic?) in pretty much every sentence, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a good time to take your eye off the job market. ...read more
  • Flow is Now Power Automate and Microsoft Power Platform unveils Chatbots

    Microsoft announced that a number of new bots and automation tools went live on the Microsoft Power Platform the other day. Microsoft introduced the new tools, stating they will make data sources flow within applications like Dynamics365, SharePoint and OneDrive, and generate more efficiencies with bespoke apps.There are more than 400 new capabilities added to the platform that focus on growing its robotic process automation potential for users, as well as new integrations between Microsoft Teams and the platform....read more
  • The Five Biggest Technology Trends of 2020

    We find ourselves in the middle of another Industrial Revolution as technology is developing faster than any other decade. When it comes to organisations, they risk getting left behind if they don’t keep up. However, understanding pivotal trends will allow them to prepare and grasp opportunities. In this article we look at five technology trends for 2020....read more
  • CRM: AI Strategy Should Come First

    The customer is perhaps what has changed most during the technology revolution of the last 20 years. Now, when customers enter the buying process, they are equipped with far more perspective and information than ever before. Gone are the days of word-of-mouth reviews, nowadays customers are connected to millions of customer reviews and experiences through social media, including product or service comparisons. Due to this new reality salespeople and marketers are left playing catch-up to develop strategies that will equip their organisations to capitalise on customer experience....read more
  • We're Hiring! IT Recruitment Resourcer

    All across the recruitment industry, a collective sigh resonates from people disillusioned with their agencies, whether it’s a Director that has watched Wolf of Wall Street one too many times, annoying “rituals” which see you doing the walk of shame across a huge office to ring a bell every time you do a deal, or a multitude of others- take your pick. Well, we’re here to offer you an alternative. If you’re a Recruitment Resourcer looking for a change, we want to speak with you. We’re on the lookout for someone who is a great people’s person, who knows how to listen and understands what makes people tick. You’d be working with our consultants on a range of roles be they permanent or contract, Salesforce or MS Dynamics. You’ve already got some experience, so we wont insult you by laying out the job responsibilities in bulletpoints. You know what you need to do. But enough about you, here’s some more about us. We’re ShapeIT, a boutique recruitment agency based in Manchester City Centre. Our team is made up of both Dynamics and Salesforce experts, and two lovely pooches as well. We’ve been around for a few years now and we’re...read more
  • We're Hiring! IT Recruitment Consultant

    Do you love recruitment and really try to set yourself apart from the droves that see it as more of a numbers’ game than anything else, but find it hard to do so in your current role? Do you cringe at the thought of being seen as one of “them”, but don’t have the freedom to talk to clients and candidates as human beings because if you do you’ll be 5 calls short of your “80 sales calls a week” target on Friday afternoons? It seems as though it could be the perfect time to come and see what we are all about. ...read more

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