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  • Microsoft Previews: What's Coming in October for Dynamics 365

    Microsoft is planning to refresh its Dynamics 365 customer relationship management and enterprise planning software bi-annually, essentially on the same schedule as the Office 365 ProPlus and Windows 10 feature updates. The company is making available 238 pages of release notes for its impending Fall 2018 releases of Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP Applications. ...read more
  • What You Need To Know About Dynamics 365 for Talent

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent integrates various self-service activities such as employee performance, organisation structure, and hiring. Thanks to a set of various integrations and modules, the Talent capability allows HR functions to be integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem all throughout the employment lifecycle. We take a look at the different modules in Dynamics 365 for Talent. ...read more
  • Salesforce v Dynamics 365: Pros and Cons

    There was a time just two years ago when Microsoft and Salesforce announced they would bury the hatchet and come together, thus melding the two market leaders in the world of CRM. However, obviously that didn’t happen with both sides now showing their claws, Microsoft by buying LinkedIn and Salesforce by going to the press to rant about the other. ...read more
  • Dynamics 365 and Power BI Linked for Deeper Customer Insights

    Microsoft is now making it easier for Dynamics 365 customers to garner insights from their clients’ business history by taking advantage of Power BI, the cloud-based business intelligence service. The new Power BI connector for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows businesses to take raw customer data and turn it into informative charts and distribute the data-driven findings to workforces. ...read more
  • Microsoft Announcement: Dynamics 365 for Talent

    Microsoft has announced its Dynamics 365 for Talent which will be specifically designed for HR, with the promise of a “holistic approach to attracting, onboarding and growing talent”. With this new release, they are promising companies that they’ll be able to understand their workforce from a 360-degree viewpoint and link all key aspects. Companies will be able to view and understand the people they need in their business to meet strategic targets, see the talent they’ve already got, and who the best candidates in the market are. All of this will help when connecting the dots for their candidate attraction/retention strategy....read more
  • Growing Your Sales Strategy: LinkedIn and Dynamics 365

    Social selling is getting a purpose boost in the enterprise as Microsoft integrates LinkedIn into its portfolio of business applications. Microsoft’s most recent announcement states that they’ll be integrating LinkedIn and their cloud-based ERP and CRM suite, Dynamics 365. This is probably not a surprise after the company bought LinkedIn last year- but it will be a step in the right way for supporting social sales strategies. ...read more

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