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  • Hidden Figures: A Look At The Real Women Behind The Movie

    It’s Oscar movie release season (for some, the best time of the year) and among quite a few great titles that have popped up, the movie “Hidden Figures” is set for UK release on the 17th of February. If you haven’t seen a trailer for it, the movie is about three African-American women, Mary Winston-Jackson, Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Johnson Vaughan that worked as “human computers” in the segregation area that plagued the US. ...read more
  • 5 Tech Visionaries We Lost in 2016

    Last year saw the world take a massive hit, getting that bit smaller with the loss of cultural icons. With the likes of David Bowie, Prince, and Alan Rickman leaving the world, the world mourned their loss deeply. However, the losses in 2016 ran even deeper than that with a number of innovators and visionaries that may have not made many headlines, but that left a lasting and tangible impact on our lives whether we knew it or not....read more

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