3 Articles from January 2020

  • How Badly will Brexit Affect UK Tech Talent?

    Brexit is almost upon us. With the clock ticking down the hours, we are now in the last few days of being part of the European Union. Formally leaving the EU on January 31, we’ll be entering a transition period which will see us remaining subject to the union’s rules and regulations while undergoing a process of untangling from a 47-year relationship....read more
  • AI-Powered CRM Platforms: A Comparison

    All major CRM platforms have implemented AI as a central feature in their offerings in the last few years. Companies are now much better equipped to understand their customers thanks to AI-powered CRM. With actionable insights and accurate predictive forecasting, the path to better customer understanding is becoming easier....read more
  • The Top 4 Integrated Customer Data Platforms

    Customer data platforms are becoming more and more important in organisations as marketing and sales teams find it a struggle to take advantage of growing amounts of data from separate sources. Although they are not yet extremely common, product options are diversifying. The CDP Institute reported a 65% growth in the industry in 2018 and there were revenues of more than $1 billion last year. ...read more

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