2 Articles from October 2019

  • The Five Biggest Technology Trends of 2020

    We find ourselves in the middle of another Industrial Revolution as technology is developing faster than any other decade. When it comes to organisations, they risk getting left behind if they don’t keep up. However, understanding pivotal trends will allow them to prepare and grasp opportunities. In this article we look at five technology trends for 2020....read more
  • CRM: AI Strategy Should Come First

    The customer is perhaps what has changed most during the technology revolution of the last 20 years. Now, when customers enter the buying process, they are equipped with far more perspective and information than ever before. Gone are the days of word-of-mouth reviews, nowadays customers are connected to millions of customer reviews and experiences through social media, including product or service comparisons. Due to this new reality salespeople and marketers are left playing catch-up to develop strategies that will equip their organisations to capitalise on customer experience....read more

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