5 Articles from April 2017

  • ​5 Mistakes to Avoid When Migrating to The Cloud

    Mistakes in business aren’t only time-consuming, they can also be very expensive. Depending on the severity of the overlook, it can also be a massive impediment in the face of moving forward. With anything tech-related this can be true, but it is particularly relevant when it comes to cloud migrations. ...read more
  • We're Hiring! Resource Account Manager

    All across the recruitment industry, a collective sigh resonates from people disillusioned with cold calling. Maybe selling is not for you, or perhaps the agency you’re at operates in line with those cheesy Wolf of Wall Street memes that sometimes adorn your LinkedIn feed. Either way, you know that 360 is a “no” for you, and you toss and turn at night dreaming of a role that will let you focus on building candidate relationships and working on a key account.All across the...read more
  • IoT and Security: Could Blockchain Be The Answer?

    The internet of things is already a massive part of people’s lives and it’s only going to further enmesh itself into daily routines. If you think that the IoT still hasn’t crawled into your life, then all you have to consider is whether your car is linked to your phone, or whether your TV is capable of streaming directly from Netflix. These small, yet useful tools make routine easier and faster. ...read more
  • 4 Predictions for AI in 2017

    2016 saw great advancements in the artificial industry and machine learning industry, but 2017 is looking to bring even more about. We take a look at the top four advancements that everyone should keep an eye out for: ...read more

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